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About Web Designer
About Me

My name is Mulugeta Berhane and I am a freelance graphics designer and Photoshop artist.

I am also very familiar with Illustration, popular 2D and 3D Animation applications.  I am also obsessed with good command over HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

In addition to this I have worked on web development applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer,Serif WebPlus and other WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) featured applications for more than two years.

So,If you are looking for someone who can design a smashing, clean, and professional website, then look no further because you’ve found the right person. The skills I have gained through studying  search engine optimization has made me a reliable webmaster.

Services that you could get from me

Static and dynamic webpage designing and development
Business mark (Logo) designing for companies and enterprises
2D or 3D animation art interfaced  advertisement
Creating complicated real looking visual effects for movies
Banners, billboards, Magazines, brouchers, movie posters and other digital art designing
Media production and PBX installation
Wireless router , access point installation and configuration
Computer Networking & Security Camera installation

Do you have problem in promoting your website?
Do you want to get your site ranked up on top of search engines?
Don’t you need to address your clients and sell your products or services? Don’t you need your clients to drop by your site regularly?
How about some one to maintain your site, check accessibility of your site, track your visitors, and supervise your site’s daily or weekly activities and functioning?

Hire me as your freelance webmaster and get your business into the next level.

Get a bunch of traffic to your site and make more money!

If you have any query feel free to call me at +251918711801 or use my e-mail

Thank you very much for reading all this!
Will look forward to hearing from you!
If you have any query feel free to call me at +251918711801 or use my e-mail
Name: Mulugeta Berhane

Job: Freelance Web and
Graphics Designer

Location: Gondar



Business Perception: The rule of faith is the rule of life.

Business Perception 2: Get rich or die trying!

Business Perception 3: Distance shouldn’t be an excuse for not achieving our success.